Helicopter Missions and Experience

in the Western Cape

Helicopter Missions and Experience
Mountain Flying Experience
  • The erection, construction and ongoing maintenance of all Transtel Highsight towers between Worcester and Port Elizabeth.
  • The erection and continued maintenance of all emergency service repeater stations between Worcester and Port Elizabeth.
  • The ongoing maintenance of all SADF Highsights and repeater stations.
Helicopter Missions and Experience
Search and Rescue Missions
  • Mossel Bay Helicopters has played a critical role in many search and rescue missions.
  • Mossel Bay Helicopters has performed many search and rescue missions in the mountains for lost civilians and have been credited with finding them.
Helicopter Missions and Experience
Fire Fighting
  • Mossel Bay Helicopters is highly skilled and experienced with fire fighting and is credited with saving in excess of a R100 million worth of property in recent fire fighting missions.
  • Mossel Bay Helicopters received an official certificate of appreciation issued by the Minister of Local Housing in the Western Cape Province for assisting with the veld and bush fires during the 2005/2006 fire season.
Helicopter Missions and Experience
South African Police Services
  • Various surveillance missions.
  • Various traffic control missions.
  • Various crime interception and arrest missions.
Helicopter Missions and Experience
Game Catching & Game Counting

Mossel Bay Helicopters is also recognised as the leading operator for game catching and game counting operations in the entire Cape region and as far as the Free State.

Helicopter Missions and Experience
VIP Missions

Mossel Bay Helicopters is the operator of choice for most VIP transportation needs in the Southern Cape. This list includes an array of government ministers, including inter alia the Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism Mr Marthinus van Schalkwyk, international golf players, sportsmen, film stars and business executives.

Helicopter Missions and Experience
Other Services Rendered
  • Survey and mapping services to various government departments.
  • Extensive photography and film missions.
  • General charter and pleasure flips.