Wildlife, Helicopter Aid and Charity Funding

Dear friends and followers

Mossel Bay Helicopters / Bergsig Private Game Reserve needs your help. We have special projects that focuses on wildlife, helicopter aid, and help towards educating underprivileged children in our area. We know that 2020 was a tough year on all of us, but it hit the wildlife and services industry quite hard. We know all of you love and admire all animal species that needs so much attention, especially during this time. You can make a positive impact by donating to our causes.

Donations towards wildlife:
We strive to protect our animals. Funding will go towards breeding projects, food and nutrition, water supplies during droughts and keeping our endangered wildlife secure. Our goal is to perfect our anti-poaching unit, to ensure that our Rhinos will always be safe. This project requires bullet proof vests, fuel for patrols, upkeep of electric fences, radios, cameras and safety flights. Our aim for breeding, is to produce more of specific species in the Western Cape – Hippo, warthog, bontebok and giraffe.

Funding will also go to maintaining our lion area, as well as the feeding of 3 adult lions. Aid will go to food for our animals that need extra nutritional value or when the drought hits us. Giraffe, buffalo, hippo, wildebeest, rhino, bontebok, zebra, springbuck, impala and nyala are just a few of the species to mention. South Africa has been in the worst drought in the last 100 years, and we are still trying to recover from it. We often need to get other water sources to our wildlife, and to ensure that vegetation will be enough for the species on our reserves.

Donations towards helicopter aid:
Kobus Crous senior is one of the best pilots in South Africa, he continuously helps out the community fighting wildfires, search and rescue missions and wildlife capture and care. We need funds for the maintenance and upkeep of our helicopter, equipment and fuel supplies.

Donations towards charity Funding:
There are a lot of underprivileged children in our country, we want to help them out. Scenic flights, jetovator watersports are some of the activities we would like to give these kids the opportunity to experience and learn whilst doing so.

We would appreciate any support and help. Every little bit helps in such a big way. Thank you for your support in our cause and helping us reaching our goals.

Warm regards
Mossel Bay Helicopters / Bergsig Private Game Reserve